About Lee Plastic

Based in the Mid-Western United States, Lee Plastic Company is a full-service plastic injection molding company with the capabilities to supply the highest-quality, custom-manufactured products to your specifications. Serving various markets – including Laboratory Consumables, Health & Education, and Pharmaceutical & Biotech – Lee Plastic also manufactures its own OEM product line that consists of disposable universal electroporation cuvettes in both a round and square configuration, along with 12-Channel Reagent Reservoirs.

Lee Plastic proudly provides our customers with the highest quality laboratory supplies and excellent customer service. Our vision for the future is to build our product line focusing on multiple quality products to serve our customer’s needs, and to continue to build an excellent workplace for our family of employees.
Of the plastic injection molding companies in the United States, what makes Lee Plastic the better choice for your plastic project? We are a leading plastic injection molding and contract manufacturing company. Lee Plastic considers the companies we work with to be partners, not just customers. Our partners expect a worry-free solution for their plastic injection molding projects. They trust Lee Plastic to deliver.
Lee Plastic provides custom contract manufacturing, built on knowledge, expertise and reliability. We have a broad base of analytical instrument manufacturing experience that our customers have come to trust. That is why major OEM’s use Lee Plastic to private label their own analytical instruments. That’s a responsibility Lee Plastic takes seriously and confidently.
Lee Plastic's approach to product design and development matches the core value as stated in our mission statement. That core value is trust. There is never a debate about intellectual property (IP) ownership – it’s owned by you, our customer. When you combine highly skilled engineers with the proper product design and development tools, you will get great results. That’s exactly what to expect when you work with Lee Plastic.

Company History

Lee Plastic Company was founded in the mid 1980’s by Ron Lee who had the skill and passion for making the best products in the marketplace on behalf of those he served.  Acquired in 2004 by Trisha Kutter, her focus for Lee Plastic has been to grow the organization into a full-service plastic injection molding and custom manufacturing company to suit the requests and the needs of our Clients and markets.

Having proven our capability to supply the highest quality products built to your specifications, or, to take your idea from inception to final product, Lee Plastic has increasingly become a key value-added resource to all our Partners and Distributors.  We wholeheartedly serve the scientific research, life sciences, bio-tech, and laboratory supply markets with our expertise in plastic injection molding, custom R&D, prototyping, assembly, private-labeling/packaging solutions, and beyond.  

Lee Plastic Company proudly manufactures our own OEM product line that consists of disposable Universal Electroporation Cuvettes, in both a round-lid and square-lid configuration, and 12-Channel Reagent Reservoirs.  We will continue to expand our product offering to you, our Partner, focusing on your success through new product development and elevating superior service offerings to differentiate from competition.

Our Promise

Helping to foster your next breakthrough, Lee Plastic promises to deliver superior-quality precision analytical instruments with aggressive pricing, quick production/delivery times and excellent service, resulting in a remarkable collaborative experience.